We don’t claim to “disrupt” the legal services market, revolutionize the way law is practiced, or otherwise pay homage to the latest catchphrase du jour. Although we are technologically savvy, and we strive to make sure that everything we do is done as efficiently as humanly possible, in our opinion those are prerequisites to, but not sufficient qualities required for superior legal representation. Don’t get us wrong: we like efficiency and innovation. They make the practice of law easier for lawyers. But they rarely translate into a direct benefit to the client. 

What separates us from the pack is our obsessive focus on delivering superior legal services.

How exactly do we do that?

We Listen

The first, indispensable step in winning a case (which needs to be repeated over and over) is obtaining a thorough understand of the particular problems our clients are facing, and the larger ramifications of those problems for our clients. We handle the law, procedural issues, and advocacy, but applying the principles that we need to start with the end goal in mind, we first work to understand how litigation fits in with our clients’ ultimate goals. 

We Focus on Effective Strategy Early On

The most effective tool in litigation is devising a winning strategy early on. We work hard to quickly identify the key issues, do our factual due diligence and investigation, and master the relevant law. We strip each case down to its bare essentials, and focusing on the client’s ultimate goals, devise a strategy that is proportional to the needs and resources of the client and has the greatest chance of being effective. We start from the end and plan backwards. Doing so allows us to avoid needless detours and focus on what will ultimately matter when it comes time to present our case to a judge, jury, or arbitration panel.

We Are Accessible

None of our cases are unimportant matters we need to get off our desks. We consider ourselves partners with our clients. A key element of a successful partnership is accessibility and open communication. We return calls and respond to emails promptly. Our clients never complain about us being inaccessible. We are always here for our clients, to discuss any aspect of the case, and to continue to work together to adjust our strategies as needed to accommodate new developments in the case, as well as events that unfold outside of litigation that affect case strategy and execution..

We Relentlessly Execute to the End

The most important part of litigation is crossing the finish line. We diligently execute our strategies, and we don’t stop until we’ve achieved our goals. The execution stage allows us to focus our skills and draw on our many years of experience, from the less glamorous but essential multi-tasking and project management that goes along with prosecuting and defending cases, to our world-class written and oral advocacy, witness examination, and effective negotiation of favorable settlements. We take pride in our skills and in our dedication to being zealous advocates for our clients.

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